Unlocking God’s Power:
The Divine Partnership of Fasting and Prayer

What is Fasting?

Have you ever wondered how your physical actions can impact your spiritual journey? The Bible reveals a profound connection between what we do and what God releases in our lives.

Think of Moses holding up his staff in Exodus 17. As long as his arms remained raised, Israel prevailed in battle. But when fatigue set in and his arms lowered, their enemies gained ground.

This story illustrates the power of fasting. It’s a physical act of devotion that unlocks spiritual blessings. When you fast, you partner with God. You demonstrate your commitment to seeking His will, and in turn, He releases His power to bring about change in your life, your family, and the world around you.

God desires to work with you. By stepping into this partnership through fasting and prayer, you tap into a divine source of strength and transformation. Fasting is perhaps the most powerful physical action a Christian can take to show God how sincere you are about wanting to see change. Take the step, and experience the incredible impact of God’s power in your life.

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*Information adapted from the book and website, Fasting by Jentezen Franklin